There now is a separate download page, with OpenPGP signatures and checksums for the binary kits.
We've updated the website. A new package listing is available, as well as more documentation. We're reaching the first official release...
Solarpack NPCT 0.9 has just been released for Solaris8/sparc, Solaris9/sparc and Solaris9/x86. Read the documentation for details.
Packages for the three architectures will start beeing released in a few days.
We've been working a lot on the Solarpack maintenance procedures. The repository will start to be updated regularly...
The new features are (mainly):
- full-sandboxed installation (X11 applications are no longer installed under /usr/openwin;
- Solaris 9 (sparc) support (packages coming soon!);
- Upcoming x86 support.
We've revamped the site, mainly to make it more maintainable. The documentation for Zounds! is now also present.
The first release of Zounds is almost here. It's already in CVS. Stay tuned!
The binary reposository is finally set up; over 1300 packages are available from SourceForge for your Solaris machines. Read the details in the (updated) Zoularis on Solaris How-to.
While the development of Zounds is going on pretty rapidly (thanks to the power of Python), the package building effort is continuing.
We now have complete and running Gnome and KDE distributions, and over a thousand packages!
Our dselect avatar now has a name, Zounds, which stands for Zoularis Network Distribution System. It's design page has been updated, and a blueprint for the Zounds repository has been started.
Our package repository now contains almost 1K packages!
Since I managed to get the pkgsrc bulk-build procedure to run, the patching/packaging burden grew lighter. We now have over 750 packages up and running.
I've started to write a whitepaper (PDF version) for our so-called dselect avatar's design. Please feel free to send in any comments and suggestions.
Over 400 packages now build and run under pkgsrc on Solaris 8. We'll start the online repository very soon now.
We're now in the process of writing documentation (see the preversion of the Zoularis HOWTO), as well as tools that will allow users to synchronise with a binary package repository, and maintainers to update it easily.
Hopefully, SourceForge will host this repository on their servers.
pkgsrc builds most of GNU, and many more important packages, on our Solaris boxes. Currently about 300 packages have been built; here's a long list of these packages.
We've chosen NetBSD's pkgsrc, and it's cross-platform port Zoularis, as our packaging system.
Many arguments in favor of this packaging system can be found in Julien's introductory slides.