Zounds is a package manager, much in the spirit of Debian's apt, written in Python and designed to work as an intelligent front-end to the NPC's low-level tools (namely, pkg_add and friends).

As such, it can easily interact with the Solarpack binary repository to download/install pieces of free software, and manage your installed Solarpack packages.


  • Read the Zounds README document.
  • We've written a whitepaper for Zounds before coding it (also available in pdf format)
  • The format of repositories which can interact with Zounds also has a specification (also in pdf)
  • Potential developer? Zounds has a TODO list long as the arm!
  • Here you will find some potential future used tools for Zounds!

Download Zounds

Until our first official release, Zounds is only available via CVS: to download it,

export CVSROOT
cvs login
cvs -z3 checkout zounds

the first time, then use

cvs update -dA

when updating. If you're going to track CVS, you should probably subscribe to solarpack-devel and solarpack-commits (see the mailing lists SourceForge page).